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About Us

Lakeview Property Management is a progression from a sole proprietor real estate brokerage owned by John Charles Preston from 1972.  Mr Preston was a most respected new home Builder/ Realtor/ Property manager for 50 plus years in the Orillia area. His son Michael started in organized Real Estate in 1999 becoming Broker of Record in 2004.

Lakeview Realty Inc., Brokerage was an appropriate new name living & working in this beautiful area surrounded by lakes. They both loved the Real Estate business and anything to do with Real Estate. We decided our mission statement would be “… to helping families build wealth through home ownership and investment in our community. By investing in a home, a multi-family property, a local business, a mortgage or land development, all our children will have a bright future in the community we love and call home. We have a strong and deep commitment to the members of our community and to all other communities with which our company has contact.”

About Michael J Preston, President

As an investor, entrepreneur, and real estate company owner, Michael J Preston is proud to be following in the footsteps of his father John who was a local builder & Real Estate Broker in Orillia area for 50 + years.

When it comes to real estate nobody comes close to the dedication and care taken by Michael Preston. With over 25 years in residential sales and marketing and an unbelievable number of happy clients, only Michael can deliver an extraordinary home sale experience.

“Despite the many changes I have seen in the residential home market one thing remains true, my clients receive the utmost care and consideration when achieving their property goals.”

If you wish to deal with an entrepreneur who invests in Business & Real Estate and knows the property management business, then call today. Michael can give you insight as an owner of several multi-family residential and commercial buildings with locations in Orillia, Ontario & Alberta. He is also the owner of a successful local career college and Michael has been the operator of several successful small businesses over 30 plus years.

Mr. Preston has 2 decades in organized Real estate, 13+ years as the owner and Broker of Record at Lakeview Realty Inc., Brokerage in Orillia, Ontario.