Our Professional Rental Property Management

Professional Rental Property Management by a Local Licenced Real Estate Brokerage

Michael J Preston, the Broker of Record at Lakeview Realty Inc., assures you of professional services you can trust. As a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA.ca), Lakeview Realty is bound by numerous regulations and guidelines that assure you as an investor of honesty and integrity as a client of Lakeview Property Management.

Screening and Managing Tenants

Your real estate investment hinges on having a good tenant in place. Vacancies can be a drag on your investment, and on your bottom line profits. We’ve screened thousands of tenants for two decades. We have the temperament and knowledge to manage tenants and set expectations for their use of your property. We also have the skills to deal with tenant issues from noise complainants to eviction notices.

Rent Collection and Basic Accounting

Month-to-month expenses and rental income are at the centre of your rental property. We ensure rent is collected and summarize your bills and invoices, so you know where you stand financially at all times.

Rent Collection

Rent collection can be very annoying and time-consuming. We stay on top of tenants & immediately follow up on any rent collection issues. We also allow tenants to pay electronically, which is convenient for everyone.

Bill Payment Services

Staying on top of paying property tax, utilities and repair bills can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially, if you are on vacation or out of the country. Missed payments can result in late charges and credit risks. We make sure that the bills are paid on time.

At the end of the year, we will send you a year end summary of all the expenses by type. When tax preparation time occurs, you won’t have to collect all of your rental income invoices as all paid invoices will appear in your year end summary.

Physical Property Maintenance

Inside or out we have the staff and experience to deal with any issues with the structure of your property. This includes general maintenance, lawn care, and prep for a new tenant.

We will respond to emergency repair calls from tenants, unplug toilets or to fix or replace broken appliances. We will tidy the yard in the spring, cut the grass in summer, shovel the snow in winter, rake the leaves in the fall, as well as clean out the eaves troughs and coordinate repairs to the physical structure of the building. We do all this so you don’t have to.

Remodeling and Renovation Services

Remodeling and renovating are a powerful means of transforming a rental property’s value and income potential. Our experienced renovation team has executed numerous projects from simple floor installations to complete make-overs. We have the skills and professional resources to successfully add real value to your property should you sell and to its current investment income.

Buying or Selling? Talk to Us First.

We live and breathe rental properties. We are rental property investors too. We know what makes a good investment property, and we can spot opportunities to buy or sell. Our full-service real estate brokerage, Lakeview Realty Inc., can guide you as to how to make the most of your property investment goals.

Always at Your Service

Trusting your rental property to Lakeview Property Management gives you the support of an experienced team of property management experts located in Orillia and the surrounding region.

Our Property Management Programs

Standard Program

Lakeview Property Management’s standard program gives you access to our full complement of property management services. From rent collection and bill payments and the support of our team, this option takes the hassle of property management out of your hands and provides a sound foundation for the management of your rental unit.

Customized Program

This program is of particular value if you have requirements that are out of the norm. Let’s talk about your specific needs and create a program that works for both of us.

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