Orillia is a top 10 city to own rental real estate in Ontario - Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)

  • Our Professional Rental Property Management

    Professional Rental Property Management by a Local Licenced Real Estate Brokerage Michael J Preston, the Broker of Record at Lakeview Realty Inc., assures you of professional services you can trust. As a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA.ca), Lakeview Realty is bound by ...

  • Do You Trust Your Property Manager?

    Horror stories abound about so called “property managers” who have not only been derelict in their duties but have committed fraud and stolen money or possessions from unaware real estate property owners. Don’t let it happen to you. Due Diligence in Selecting A Property ...

  • What’s Your Time Worth?

    The last thing you should be doing is painting a bedroom when you could be earning more income in those areas you excel. We can handle the mundane for you, as well as address your tenant issues. Relax and enjoy what you really want to do with your valuable time.

  • Do You Sleep Well Every Night?

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking the phone is going to ring with a tenant toilet problem? Or, maybe the phone does ring at 2 am with a noise complaint. Lakeview Property Management provides worry free, sleepful nights for investors who own houses, condo units, and multiplexes.